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xkd21 series cnc moving beam workbench gantry boring & milling machine

xkd21 series cnc moving beam workbench gantry boring & milling machine
Product Detailed

boring&milling head with c-axis capable of arbitrary graduation;advanced,safe,stable and efficient electric control system.

Xkd21 series CNC gantry Boring & Milling machine is of double-column beam gantry lifting structure and consists of such major components as the machine bed, the workbench, the columns, the beam, the slide carriage box, the headstock, the ram, the milling head, the accessory taker, cooling, chip removal and electrical components, with the large structural components being made of high strength cast iron from resin sand molding and thus of good strength and stability.

The machine bed is fixed on the foundation and the left and right columns are fixed on the both sides and connected on top by the linkage beam, forming a closed gantry frame. The workbench moves longitudinally along the rail on the machine bed (X-axis) ;the slide carriage box moves laterally along the rail on the beam (Y-axis) ; the beam moves vertically along the vertical rail on the columns (W-axis); and the square ram carrying the headstock moves vertically within the slide carriage (Z-axis). The machine is supplied with several milling heads of different functions for the users' choice and each kind of milling head is capable of automatic clamping and automatic graduating(C-axis) ( 4X900 0r 50 graduation).

High-precision heavy-duty linear rail is adopted for the X-axis of the gantry boring and milling machine series, ensuring minimum friction coefficient, easy lubrication, the realization of zero clearance pretension transmission without the use of the gib as well as strong anti-subversive moment. Steel composite rail guideway is adopted for the Y-axis and BNT coating guideway is adopted for both Z-axis and W-axis, with lubrication of fixed quantity and at fixed times for small friction coefficient. Hydraulic balance is adopted for the headstock and the beam. Both the ram and the slide carriage box have clamping mechanism, which maintains good accuracy and offers big output torsional moment of the principal axis, So the machine is particularly suitable for heavy-duty cutting.

SIEMENS 840D numerical control system is adopted for the machine.

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