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Multi purpose portal bridge type reclaimer

Multi purpose portal bridge type reclaimer
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Multi purpose portal bridge type reclaimer

Portal bridge type reclaimer has to layout in a line of a plurality of different material in the bulk material stack reclaimer

and hybrid advantage. This multipurpose material mixing system only by a hate machine to achieve, in considering the investment

cost and convenient operation. This is one of the main advantages. The multipurpose bridge reclaimer comprehensive bridge-type

and door type scraper reclaimer advantages.

As conventional bridge type reclaimer, gate bridge type reclaimer traveling in the layout on the two sides of the two tracks ( 1

), the machine has a sufficient to outweigh the pile height of portal structure ( 3) and a horizontal scraper cantilever ( 4).

Horizontal scraper cantilever with a mounted with wheel skid ( 5) by the winch rope ( 6) is driven back and forth movement.

Connected to the rake machine ( 7) at the lower end, skid along the horizontal scraper cantilever drag.

The rake machine upper end is fixedly mounted on a tripod ( 8) top roller. These rollers guide the rake machine cable and

through a two trolley ( 2) supporting the counterweight (9 ) to control the cable tension. Triangle angle and bulk natural

repose angle. Skid back and forth movement pulling the rake machine like a piece of cloth to sweep the material pile slope.

Sweep down the material to be horizontal scraper cantilever chain scraper ( 10) capture, and then to stable flow transfer to the

layout in the pile side of the material conveyor.

Efficient mixing is accomplished by rake machine section of the continuous movement of the. In order to from a stack to another

stack, scraper cantilever and the skid and the chain is raised to more than material pile height. This can make it along a

windrow side. Another advantage is that the scraper cantilever lifting to a tilted position, so we can use it as a conventional

door with the inclined cantilever reclaimer of reclaimer.

Door of bridge type reclaimer this additional features not only ensure the material uniformity, but also ensures that it can

from the frozen material pile, fire appears the windrow material area, or from the partition material.

Example shows only one door type bridge scraper reclaimer as can only be used for the two stacking between the bridge scraper

reclaimer alternative for multiple material pile of possibility.

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